Keep your Ice Liner in place and add some padding with bumper caps

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Backyard Rink Bumper Caps

a yellow foam tube that fits over a sideboard holding the liner in place

BumperCaps come in 8 or 4 foot sections and provide two key aspects to the NiceRink system. First, they hold the liner over the top of the boards, Secondly, the safety yellow color and padding will protect the skater from the top edge of the boards.

A yellow bumpercap as seen from the outside of the rink

A yellow bumpercap sitting sitting over wooden boards and a white liner with a bit of snow on top.

4' Bumpercap

Cross Section view of how a yellow bumpercap sits on the liner and sideboards

8' Bumpercap

Length 4' 8'
Price $6.00 $11.00
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