Cover dead leaves, add goal lines, blue lines, goal crease, and playoff circle lines with ice paint

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Backyard Rink Paint

An ice rink with painted with blue lines and a red center line, complete with face-off circle. In the face-off circle is written backyard hockey leagueTurn your backyard rink into a real hockey rink with our environmentally friendly Ice Paint.

Paint your blue lines, center faceoff spot and circle with our blue paint

Paint your goal lines, goal crease, center line, and faceoff spots and circles with our red paint

Or use the White Ice Paint, perfect for covering up leaves, sticks, etc. Just fill in the burn hole with a slush mixture. let freeze, spray a couple layers of water to "seal" in the paint, and as long as it stays cold the sun won't affect the spot where the leaf, stick, etc. was buring holes in the rink.

A can of white paint

White Paint

A can of red paint

Red Paint

A can of blue paint

Blue Paint

Color White Red Blue
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