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Backyard Ice Rink Resurfacers

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Our Resurfacer is made of solid lifetime steel, not PVC plastic, and is a MUST for any rink

Our resurfacer works on any surface. It makes ice like glass, in less time, less water and less hassle than just the hose making creating and maintaining a high-quality ice rink a snap.

Thin, controlled applications of water produce a Super Smooth Surface to any rink in minutes.

The Patented resurfacer consists of an easy to handle galvanized steel pipe frame that serves as a conduit for water feed by a garden hose systematically distributing the water evenly onto the ice and smoothed on contact by the resurfacing mat.

Includes one resurfacing mat

32" Resurfacer

52" Resurfacer

66" Resurfacer

Rink Size 0-4000Sf 4000-10000Sf over 10000Sf
Water Pressure 3GPM 7GPM 7GPM
Price $179 $239 $655
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