Easy to install sideboards make for an easier rink setup

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Backyard Rink Sideboards

A backyard ice rink surrounded by a sideboardWe are VERY excited to offer you a re-engineered board with AWESOME advancements! They are the perfect perimeter board to use with your Backyard Brackets. What have we done now? For one, we have now adapted an extra support board cavity that will integrate with the our bracket, to easily allow for extra "deep water support" to be added, by simply inserting a 1" x 4" board into our plastic board, and locking it into the bracket. Secondly, our "NEW" manufacturing process allows for a much nicer, smoother, professional finish to the boards. The new design still maintains the same full hinge/interlocking design of 2009 and 2010 which is very easy to use and works awesomely, allowing the boards to be easily connected together for a nice, sturdy, long-lasting sideboard that locks together from "top to bottom."

A close up of the sideboard and bracketThe aluminum insert support bar along the back of the board is for added stability on sites that have more slope with deeper water/ice. This aluminum bar also extends over the top of the brackets to "LOCK" the boards to the brackets when fully seated into the brackets. No backside board attachment necessary - simply slide them into our brackets and you're good to go. Our thermoformed boards allow a swivel/hinging action at each connection so every rink has rounded radius type corners, without the need for additional curved or flexible boards. The dual-purpose stacking buttons along the top of the boards work with our BumperCaps. We've molded the stacking buttons at an optimum height from the top of the board to help secure the Bumper Caps to the boards and help prevent them from blowing off. If you're looking for the serious backyard rink of a lifetime, the only way to go is with the Our Thermoformed Plastic Boards. They're lighter weight, longer lasting and look SO much better than wood boards.

For Lakes, Ponds and Hard Court Surfaces: We/you can make a simple modification to our brackets and you can then use the Thermoformed Boards and brackets on Frozen Lakes, Ponds, Tennis Courts, Basketball Courts, or other hard surface area. By removing the spikes, the brackets will then lay flat on the surface and can then be staked in or sandbagged to help hold them in place.

Boards Measure: 18" tall, 4' long, 1" thick; Weight: 9 Lbs. (Less than half the weight of 16" x 4' x 3/4" piece of plywood.)