Roof King™ Gold Basketball System

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Roof King™ Gold Basketball System

Heavy-duty garage roof-mounted basketball hoop with 48" backboard fits 9 of 10 houses

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    Meet The Roof King™ Gold

    • The Roof King Gold roof-mount basketball goal brings professional looks and great play to even the most cramped driveways! The heavy-duty patented bracket allows you to set the rim at precisely 10' no matter what angle or height your roof is* (roof eve must be between 8' 2" and 9' 3"). The huge crystal clear 48" x 36" x 1/2" backboard is made of thick acrylic and uses a beefed up frame which makes this basketball goal play wonderfully. It also comes with a college break-away rim that has an internal dual spring back mechanism. It can be adjusted to the tension desired by the player.
    • If room is limited and a freestanding in-ground system just wont fit in your driveway than this roof-mount goal is a great solution. This is our most economical roof-mount basketball goal and will look great atop your garage with its 48" backboard and satisfy demanding players with its reinforced backboard frame and college break-away rim.
    • Backboard

      The 48" acrylic backboard looks great and plays wonderfully on the roof-mount system because of the board's thickness (1/2" - thicker than most competitors) and the beefed up frame. The frame is made from high quality aluminum metal which is supported with 3/8" "L" brackets at the corners for added stability. This beefed up frame sets our acrylic backboard apart from the competition and is the perfect system to house the big crystal clear acrylic backboard.

    • Warranty

      The rugged build will ensure that this basketball goal will last the test of time. We back this durable system with our 10 year limited warranty. This includes both the backboard and bracket.

    Choose Which Roof-Mountable Roof King Is Right For You

    Roof King Platinum

    Roof King Gold

    Backboard Size 60" x 36" x ½" 48" x 36" x ½"
    Backboard Material Acrylic Acrylic
    Adjustable From Roof Eve - Roof Eve + 2' 6" Roof Eve - Roof Eve + 2' 6"
    Price $Call For Pricing $Call For Pricing

    Customer Reviews

    CUSTOMER REVIEWS SUMMARY (Roof King Gold Basketball System)
    Average Customer Rating:
    4 out of 5 based on 3 reviews

    Customers most agreed on the following attributes:

    Best Uses: Residential Use (3), Pickup Games (2)
    Pros: Solid Backboard Response (3), High-Quality Materials / Construction (3), Aesthetically Pleasing (2)
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    [6 of 12 customers found this review helpful]
    You get what you pay for
    Crossover from Maynard, MA gave the Roof King Gold Basketball System 4 out of 5 stars on 11/17/2010
    Pros: Stable, Solid Backboard Response, High-Quality Materials / Construction
    Best Uses: Pickup Games, Residential Use
    Bottom Line I would recommend this product to a friend

    Quality back board with true bound not like the poly carb ones out there. Only issue are lag bolts. These really should be carriage bolds as the back board is very heavy and these are better for securing the bracket to the roof (couple dollars at the local hardware store). Also, you will need three people to mount the backboard to the bracket. By far the best roof mount on the market!!

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    [78 of 150 customers found this review helpful]
    Best out there, but not without its faults
    Nate from Denver, CO gave the Roof King Gold Basketball System 4 out of 5 stars on 07/07/2010
    Pros: Solid Backboard Response, High-Quality Materials / Construction, Aesthetically Pleasing
    Cons: Unstable, Hard To Setup
    Best Uses: Pickup Games, Practice, Residential Use
    Bottom Line I would recommend this product to a friend

    I chose this particular backboard because I just bought a house and wanted something high-quality and something that would last. I have a soon-to-be nine-year-old son who has already shown promise as a basketball pla yer. I'm confident this backboard/hoop is ideal for him to play on as he matures into a competitive athlete. Pros: This is the highest-quality residential backboard/rim package on the market. It blows anything you might find at a sporting goods store out of the water. And it looks good to boot. Cons: The bracket that mounts on the roof (and to which the backboard attaches) is clumsy and required wider washers than what was provided. Without wider washers, when the bolts attaching the backboard were tightened, it squeezed the bracket out of shape and, if left like that, would have resulted in the backboard slipping down the bracket and potentially off the roof. Considering the thing weighs 200 lbs., this would be quite dangerous. In any event, this is more of a flaw in the design, not in the quality or craftsmanship. With the wider washers, I was able to mount everything properly and safely.

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    [88 of 169 customers found this review helpful]
    This was an excellent choice
    Vincent S from Mississauga, ON gave the Roof King Gold Basketball System 4 out of 5 stars on 06/28/2010
    Pros: Easy To Setup, Solid Backboard Response, High-Quality Materials / Construction, Aesthetically Pleasing
    Best Uses: Residential Use
    Bottom Line I would recommend this product to a friend

    We installed this backboard system a few weeks ago and my family and I really enjoy playing on it. I compared it to several other systems before deciding to go with this one. The thicker backboard has a very nice feel compared to the thinner ones. We were able to put it together and install it in no time. It also looks great. It would be great if they made a height adjustable version.

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    Technical Specifications

    Backboard Size 48" x 36" x ½"
    Backboard Material Acrylic
    Backboard Frame Size 2" with ¼" thickness
    Backboard Frame Material Aluminum with steel reinforcement
    Glass To Frame Mounting Mechanically encased in channel with rubber gasket
    Rim Mounting Type Through glass using grommets. No pressure on glass.
    Backboard Padding NOT Included.
    Finish Durable baked on powder coating. Gloss black
    Roof Mounting 9 heavy-duty lag screws
    Type Universal. Telescoping A-frame for pitch and sliding track for height adjustment
    Patented Yes
    Fasteners Stainless steel with UNS Designation of S20100
    Service Included. R+L Carriers LTL Freight
    Lift-Gate Included
    Scheduled Delivery Included
    Residential Delivery Included
    Weight 150 lb.
    Shipping Weight 160 lb.
    Packaging Configuration 3 cartons on 1 pallets
    Limited 10 Year Warranty Yes
    Covers Dunking & Hanging No

    Professional and DIY Installation

    The installation of this height-adjustable, roof-mount basketball goal is one of the easiest and safest on the market. The exceptional engineering along with our 24 years of installation experience ensure you will be successful.

  • Phone support from an experienced installation expert

  • Installed from the roof-top

    Don't worry about crawling into your hot attic

  • Not necessary to hit a stud

    Allowing you to position the bracket exactly where you want it

  • "H" bracket is pre-installed saving you 15 minutes of assembly time.

  • Stainless steel fasteners will not seize up if you decide to move to a new house

  • Will this bracket work with my roof?

    1. You roof eve must be between 8' 2" and 9' 3" tall
    2. Cannot have a metal or tile roof top
    3. Roof must slope downward toward the driveway
  • View / print installation instructions
  • View / print court dimension diagrams
  • Popular installation frequently asked questions

    • How long does it take to install?

      Installation times can vary but you can expect to spend around 1 hours assembling the system.

    • Will my gutter be in the way?

      No. The system is designed not to interfere.

    • Is this bracket adjustable?

      It's what we call semi-adjustable. If you get on the roof behind the system you can slide it up and down on the track by loosening the nuts. This is not something you'd want to do frequently. It's mainly meant to get the rim to 10' on different height roofs. One use for the adjustment besides setting the system at 10' is to raise the rim height to 10' when you child gradutes for 8 to 10 feet.

    • What is the roof eve?

      Where the last shingle hangs off is your roof eve. Sometimes a gutter will be mounted there.

    • What if my roof eve is outside of the range?

      This means getting the rim to 10' is not possible. This does not matter to some customers as variances in the driveway slope can be way off anyways. Also, it's not officially supported and you will void your warranty, but customers have boosted their bracket on 2x6 boards in the past as well.