Court Lighting

Flex Court® offers a full line of Court Lighting from backyard courts to commercial sports facilities. Whether you choose our Court Lighting for indoor or outdoor, in schools or at home, in gyms or at the parks, our goal is provide you with the ultimate sports and recreation light systems on the market.

Residential Court Lighting

Designed to meet your lighting needs for backyard basketball, multi-game, tennis and volleyball, designed by professionals with families in mind.

FCA-hallogen-triple-500Halogen Game Court Light Systems are available in Single, Double or Triple 500W and 1500W Quarts Fixtures. The Game Court Light Systems is available as Stand Alone Lights or In-Line Extensions for our Multi-Sports Net Systems.

FCA-Hinged-LightNEW Hinged Light System with a Pivot Anchor Base System is available in Single, Double or Triple 1500W Quarts Fixtures, or Single 1000W Metal Halide Fixture. The Hinged Light System comes standard with pre-drilled holes for full Multi-Sports Net options. The Base can purchased separately for Multi-Sports use only.

Commercial Court Lighting

Flex Court Sports Lighting offers sharp cutoff products that provide environmentally friendly lighting solutions for tennis court and sports markets. Be assured that the fixture you select will provide high performance, energy efficient lighting giving players and spectators glare-free visibility.

Tennis Court Lighting

Our center court series has a variety of fixtures designed specifically for outdoor basketball and tennis court lighting. Add this to a variety of mounting arm accessories and we can make any court look professional. New to the center court family is our inverted indoor court lighter. With its impact resistant aluminum housing, special swivel mount, and five tap ballast this fixture is sure to be at the top of your indoor court lighting lists.

Courtsider XL LightThe Courtsider XL, a sharp cutoff luminaire, is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of tennis court lighting. This luminaire’s Forward Throw reflector system projects light only onto the court area, avoiding glare. For aesthetic purposes, the Courtsider XL features a soft profile, complementing the design of today’s tennis facilities, and a choice of colors to blend easily into the tennis court environment.

The new Aerosystem is not just a light fixture, it has been designed from the ground up to create a new spin in tennis court lighting. It breaks new ground in aesthetics, construction and functionality, while presenting distinctive and progressive, low profile appearance. The die-cast construction of the Aerosystem fixture provides unparalleled durability, and is available in a selection of appealing finishes to complement the court environment.

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