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The highest customered-rated in-ground, adjustable basketball hoops available

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Backboard 72" x 42" x 1/2" (regulation)   72" x 42" x 1/2" (regulation)   60" x 36" x 1/2"   54" x 36" x 1/2"  
Pole 8"   6"   5"   4"  
Overhang 5'   4'   4'   3'  
Adjustable 6' - 10'   5' 6" - 10'   5' - 10'   5' - 10'  
Rating 4.8520 Reviews   4.8274 Reviews   4.770 Reviews   4.6177 Reviews  
Best For A large dedicated court.
Family fun, competitive players, demanding athleates.
  A 3 car driveway or larger.
Family fun, competitve players.
  A 2 car driveway or larger.
Family fun, competitve players.
  A 1 to 2 car driveway or larger.
Family fun.
Price From $3100   $2699   $2400   $2250  
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Is An Adjustable Height Basketball Hoop Right For Me?

"This thing is built like a tank, looks great and is easy for my 9 year old to raise and lower"
Dave - Woodbury, NY

We specialize in providing the highest quality, heavy-duty adjustable, in-ground basketball goals

At FleXtreme Hoops, we specialize in providing the highest quality, heavy-duty adjustable, in-ground basketball goals. Our family owned and operated company has been designing, manufacturing and installing outdoor basketball hoops since 1984with over 10,000 installed in family driveways, backyards, parks and playgrounds across the nation.

The outdoor FleXtreme® basketball goal backboard system is an adjustable, in-ground hoop engineered to deliver long-lasting performance and is manufactured with the highest quality materials available. We back the genuine FleXtreme® basketball goal with a limited lifetime warranty covering all basketball play including the famous family dunk contest.

About FleXtreme®'s Adjust-Ability

All FleXtreme® adjustable basketball goals can be effortlessly height adjusted from as low as 5'* to a regulation 10' and anywhere in-between. A powerful lift-assist mechanism counter-balances the weight of the basketball backboard allowing a 6-year-old child to easily raise or lower the basketball goal. All moving parts are safely housed so children do not get their clothes or other accessories tangled. Also, there are no pins to set or adjustment rods to loose. Turn the handle clockwise to go up and counter clockwise to go down. Conveniently read the height adjustment meter and stop turning once you reach the rim height you want. It's that simple!

Know the four lift-assist basketball goal adjustment mechanisms before buying

  1. None - A majority of adjustable in-ground outdoor basketball goals available do not offer assisted lift mechanisms. This is for two reasons. First, these basketball systems usually have thinner, lighter backboards that do not really need much counter balance. Secondly, because it is a relatively expensive feature to add, many eliminate it to reduce costs and accept that the basketball goal will be more difficult to height adjust.
  2. Pneumatic Cylinder - A cylinder is filled with air and acts like a shock absorber. This is the same method used to shut screen doors without slamming them. This method is usually used in conjunction with springs that do the heavy lifting work as the pneumatic cylinder controls the height adjustment.
  3. Cable, Pulley, Wench - In this method, a cable is hooked to the basketball backboard's extension arm, looped over a pulley at the top of the basketball post and down to a wench mounted for convenient access towards the middle of the pole. The pulley acts as a simple machine easing height adjustment at the wench.
  4. Crank - This is the most popular method. It's simple, effective and time tested. Large springs pull the extension arm counter-balancing the weight of the backboard. The player turns a handle that twists a screw mechanism thus raising or lowering the basketball goal system depending on the direction that the handle is turned.

While none of these methods are superior in theory, execution of each makes or breaks the basketball hoop. FleXtreme®; adjustable basketball hoops are well known for their masterful execution of the crank method.

Know the three in-ground basketball goal types before buying

  1. Direct In-Ground Burial - This is probably the oldest method used. You dig a hole in the ground, put in the main basketball post and fill it with concrete. It may sound simple but has some difficult hurdles to overcome. First, you must make sure that the basketball pole stays exactly level while curing. Secondly, the basketball pole must be buried at exactly the right depth to ensure the basketball system can reach a regulation 10' basketball rim height.
  2. Sleeve - Instead of putting the main basketball post in the hole, only a sleeve is buried in-ground which the pole slides into after the cement is dry. This reduces the leveling problem as the sleeve is lighter and less likely to move while the cement is drying. It does not solve the issue of depth. Also, sleeve mounts supposedly offer semi-portability. In practice, it is very difficult to pull the main basketball pole out of the sleeve after years of corrosion.
  3. J-bolt & Pier - This is the most popular premium in-ground basketball goal installation method. And for good reason. It solves the leveling and depth issues while offering easy semi-portability. This method is used in other applications like light posts, steel buildings and street signs as well. J-bolts are sunk into the wet concrete. After the pier cures, the system is bolted onto these allowing the basketball goal system to be leveled front, back, left and right. You can also fine tune the height by moving the pier up and down on these bolts.

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Turn your boring outdoor driveway into an exciting basketball court with a genuine FleXtreme® adjustable, in-ground basketball goal. If you would like some guidance on what basketball hoop system would be best for your playing area, give our adjustable, in-ground basketball goal system experts a call toll free at 1-866-915-3539 now!