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FLEX COURT® Tennis - The Serious Surface for Serious Players

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Best Traction in its class. Designed for Ultimate Performance

Tennis Court Resurfacing

Tennis fans may be surprised to learn that the original concept and design for Flex Court was as a tennis surface. Engineered specifically for tennis, Flex Court incorporates patented features which absorb impact shock and lateral stresses. The result is increased energy and a safer tennis game for players of all ages. Flex Court also provides improved game performance, lower surface temperature from reduced heat radiation, no standing water and virtually no maintenance.

Flex Court is not new. Originally designed in Europe in 1978, Flex Court has been in use in the United States since 1996 and has been available in Canada exclusively through Flex Court Canada for the last 6 years.

Our All-weather tennis surface is ideal for backyard as well as commercial installations. Designed with built in flexion and European influenced DIN tested, our Flex Court surface is designed for heavy use and stress free tennis. The Flex Court tennis surface incorporates a balance between traction and still allowing for some lateral foot slide with a forgiving quality that significantly reduces the risk of injury to ankles, legs, joints, and the lower back. Older players and players with nagging injuries will be able to play longer and more often when playing on Flex Court as compared to a hard court surface. It is little wonder Flex Court is rated the best in their class in performance to price ratio. Flex Court tennis courts feature:

  • All-weather court surface designed to fit every climate condition
  • ¾ inch thick shock absorbing co-polymer surface
  • Quick and easy installation either by our Flex Court installers or as a DIY family project
  • Reduced maintenance costs of up to $5,000/court per year compared to traditional hard surface courts.
  • Self draining courts that allow for play within minutes after the rain stops
  • Significantly lower (50%) surface temperatures compared to asphalt and concrete courts

Flex Court tennis surfaces are ITF and USTA approved, and are endorsed by a number of tennis professionals including Jonas Borkman, three time Wimbledon Men’s Doubles winner as well as a past U.S. Open champion and French Open champion.

Our FLEX COURT® All-Weather Tennis Court Surface is approved and classified as a ‘Cushioned’, ‘Medium Hard’, and ‘Fast Drying’ surface under the USTA Standard Classification System, Section II.C.3.A for Tennis Court Surfacing. Perfect for backyard sessions or competitive play.

Designed and engineered for long life and maximum performance, our tennis surface is available in all standard tennis court colours and has a life expectancy of over 25 years. That is a lot of tennis, and you’ll play every set with the peace of mind of knowing your court comes with a 15-year warranty.

Revitalize your game. Improve your game. Play longer, play more often. You will enjoy more tennis with a FLEX COURT® All-Weather Tennis Court Surface than you ever will on any hard court surface.

The European influenced DIN tested FLEX COURT® tennis surface is designed to withstand heavy use over a 2 decade period and has become the most innovative tennis court system in the world, as reported in the American Journal of Medicine.

The Serious Surface for the Serious Player - with best Grip Ratio in its class and a built in FleXion designed with help of orthopedic surgeons - FLEX COURT® incorporates the highest advancements in technology to ensure a comfortable and safe playing surface.

Tennis Court ResurfacingThe outstanding shock absorption of the FLEX COURT® surface protects ankles, legs, joints and lower back from significant injury.

The International Tennis Federation (ITF) has rated our type of surface as a medium speed playing surface, making FLEX COURT® ideal for both recreational and professional tennis courts.

The FLEX COURT® Surface TraXtion is unequal to any other tennis surface on the market delivering a high end game performance.

Being an All-Weather surface means; more play – less down time, and with a 15 year warranty and 25-30 year life expectancy, FLEX COURT® is simply the best.


Certified tennis instructors around the world agree that FLEX COURT® is an ideal surface for players of all ages, whether to help develop your game or simply enjoy more playing time.  We design court systems from backyard to commercial facilities, and offer custom installation options to fit any budget.

Professional Court

Stress-free Tennis

Our ¾ in (75mm) shock-absorbing suspended surface reduces playing fatigue, provides better ball rebound and gives exceptional game performance.  FLEX COURT® is medically recommended by orthopedic surgeons for its built-in lateral and vertical forgiveness.

Stress Free Tennis Court

Trouble-free Tennis Court

Our court surface is virtually maintenance-free. Rain quickly drains through, removing the need for sweeping or sponging. Just wait a few minutes, jump on and start playing. Our 15-year warranty and over 25-year life expectancy gives you a trouble-free tennis court.

Retrofit Existing Court Surfaces

Tired of all the maintenance problems associated with your existing courts? Then take a look at our court surface. Simply fill your cracks and cover your existing worn concrete or asphalt surface for a safer play and lasting beauty.

Tennis Court Resurfacing - before and After

Professional Installation available by Flex Court Canada.


Flex Court® is a proud member of USTA.
  • ALL-WEATHER COURT - Our surface is designed with complete expansion and contraction to fit every climate condition.
  • SHOCK ABSORPTION - ¾" thick shock absorbing co-polymer surface
  • FAST INSTALLATION - Installs quickly over existing or new surface (One day or less per court)
  • REDUCED MAINTENANCE - Covers existing cracks and chipped surfaces - No resurfacing or painting – EVER. (Save up to $5000 / court per year)
  • IMPROVED GAME PERFORMANCE - Medium/Fast ball speed, better ball bounce, no skid on lines – The Choice of Tennis Instructors
  • SELF DRAINING – Fast drying, No standing water, Play in minutes after rain (All-weather, self-draining surface)
  • REDUCED HEAT - Lower surface temperatures (much cooler than asphalt and concrete courts)
  • 15 YEAR WARRANTY - With 25-30 year life expectancy (Highest performance-to-price ratio in the market)


All Colors are reproduced as closely as possible and may not represent an exact color match to the tile.

Traditional Tennis Colors:

Traditional tennis Court Colors

Additional Color Choices:


Tradition Matters

Flex Court game tiles were originally developed in Europe in 1978, inspired by the input of a group of Orthopedic surgeons. This “orthopedic concept” has been refined over the years to the point where Flex Court game tiles have been time tested throughout the world as the pre eminent sports and recreation surface - engineered and DIN tested for maximum shock absorption and grip to reduce body fatigue and prevent injury.  Flex Court surfaces are functionally designed with the lowest possible maintenance in mind. For an outdoor sports surface, there is no better surface than Flex Court. For basketball, tennis, multi-game, residential or commercial - Flex Court surfaces are functionally designed to be safer on the body and with the lowest possible maintenance in mind.