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Flex Court International, has been producing the FLEX COURT® tile for over 12 years, using the original European design proven effective for over 25 years. Located in Oakville, Ontario and Montreal, Quebec we serve all of Canada. Flex Court Canada is proud to be the Canadian arm of Flex Court International in bringing FLEX COURT® to the Canadian Market.

While other companies have developed court tiles to compete with our proven surface, FLEX COURT® has the original patents for vertical and lateral forgiveness for maximum levels of reduced stress on ankles, knees, and legs. Our orthopedically designed surface provides up to 65% stress reduction to the body, compared to playing on asphalt or concrete. FLEX COURT® also has the original, patented, tile interlocking system that minimizes court movement. Our courts will not buckle. So whether your game is tennis, basketball, roller/ball hockey, volleyball, badminton or something else, Flex Court Canada can create the ultimate, user friendly court experience for your needs.

Not all tiles are created equal. There are a lot of differences in the market when it comes to outdoor modular court surfaces. One of the most important differences is that many of our competitors’ tiles are heavier, more rigid products with virtually no flex. They do not provide the ‘give’ necessary to absorb impact shock, and have poor traction, particularly in wet conditions.

Additionally, what sets us apart from our competitors in Canada is that we are not an independent distributor, dealer or middleman.  We are a Canadian manufacturer, here to service the Canadian market with our own FLEX COURT® product, now and for years to come.

FLEX COURT offers a wide variety of residential, commercial and municipal court construction possibilities; from small backyard courts to multi-game courts to multiple tennis courts ready for championship play. With Flex Court, you are getting a product that is proven to be both durable and reliable, which is how we can offer an unsurpassed 15-year warranty, as well as an unequaled level of service. The unbeatable combination of our Flex Court Canada courts and our exceptional customer service is always a winning combination. So contact us today for a free quotation and soon you will enjoy the ultimate in an all weather game court!

FLEX COURT® All Weather Game Surfaces are developed for residential and commercial tennis, roller/ball hockey, basketball and multi game courts. Engineered to reduce stress on the back and lower body extremities such as knees, our surface also reduces court downtime and maintenance in every type of weather condition. We offer both ProStep™ and SoftStep™ outdoor surface options for every need, from competition-level courts to backyard multi-purpose courts. Please see the “Outdoor Surface Options” link on the sidebar on the left side of this page for more details.

Flex Court Canada offers a full line of Performance Indoor Sport Flooring, offering the latest technology in modular sports tiles. All Flex Court indoor sports tiles are rated as the most durable surface in its class and have adopted many of the same engineering properties as the outdoor sport tiles.

The new Basketball Court by FLEX COURT® is fantastic! On behalf of ‘Hands On New Orleans’, I want to say thank you for your help and support to make this project a success. FLEX COURT® is a great product!

Sam McKenzie
Hands On New Orleans
Corporate Relations Manager

GYM FLEX™ Gym Court, a High End Performance Sport Flooring, is the name of the game for Multi-Purpose Gymnasiums, Aerobics Flooring, In-home Courts and Gyms, Daycares and Fitness Centers. Tough, easy to maintain, low cost and no moisture or water damages makes this product your choice for all multi-purpose sport flooring needs.

GYM FLEX™ All Purpose Basketball and Volleyball flooring is durable for everyday athletes, but yet versatile to become portable as needed. Quick to install and easy to maintain.

ROLLER FLEX™ Inline and Skate Rink Flooring brings modern technology to old engineering combined with extra thickness on top means less blemishes and stress marks from inline skate wheels and repeated pounding of hockey sticks.

FLEXTREME® Basketball Goal Systems is part of our full line of Residential and Commercial, Indoor and Outdoor Basketball Goals.

FLEX COURT COMPONENTS are everything you need in Residential Sports Nets, Rebounding Systems, Ball Containment and general Court Accessories.

FLEX COURT LIGHTING - Full line of Residential and Commercial Court Lighting from Metal Halide to Halogen Light Systems.

MODULAR SPORTS TILES - made from highest-grade virgin polypropylene in our manufacturing processes, which is all 100% recyclable.

100% recyclable

Flex Court Canada- we deliver the ultimate performance in Sports and Recreation.