Aerobics Flooring

The perfect balance between shock resistant comfort and rigidity for aerobics activities

Designed for comfort and safety during aerobic activities, AEROBIFLEX™ interlocking fitness tiles are the ideal flooring solution for aerobics, step aerobics, pilates, and yoga.

High Performance Aerobics Flooring

Aerobics Flooring Tiles in 9 different colors Designed for comfort and safety during aerobic activities, Aerobiflex™ interlocking fitness tiles offer unmatched impact resistance but with a solid surface under foot, making it the ideal surface for intense aerobic and dance type conditioning exercises. Perfect also for Pilates and Yoga exercises. Aerobiflex can withstand the dropping of free weights and can bear the weight of most exercise equipment. Made of flexible PVC plastic, the Aerobiflex™ tile can be installed over any hard flat surface and can be easily cut or trimmed to fit around obstacles. For indoor use only.

Available in nine (9) designer colors, Aerobiflex can be mixed and matched to provide a multi-color matrix and / or a solid full color surface to match any interior design.

Aerobiflex incorporates a high impact polymer construction with the highest density in the market, making it stronger than all synthetic tile floors in its class. Aerobiflex is extremely durable and easy to install without messy adhesives and equipment.

AerobiFlex Cushioned Aerobic Floor Tile with bordersThe tiles easily interlock with each other by hand or with the help of a rubber mallet and can just as easily be taken up and moved to a new location.

Aerobiflex™ is easy to clean using common house hold detergents but will withstand more heavy duty cleaning solutions (such as buffing machines) as required. Most importantly, Aerobiflex will never require sanding, refinishing or any expensive waxes or sealers, making ongoing maintenance simple and inexpensive.

Aerobiflex™ is extremely resistant to mold and bacterial build up as PVC plastic inherently possesses strong anti-bacterial properties.

All Colors are reproduced as closely as possible and may not represent an exact color match to the tile:

forest green AerobiFlex cushion tile
Forest Green AerobiFlex Tile
Red AerobiFlex cushion tile
Red AerobiFlex Tile
blue aerobiflex cushion tile
Blue AerobiFlex Tile
navy blue AerobiFlex cushion tile
Navy Blue AerobiFlex Tile
white AerobiFlex cushion tile
White AerobiFlex Tile
light grey AerobiFlex cushion tile
Light Grey AerobiFlex Tile
grey AerobiFlex cushion tile
Grey AerobiFlex Tile
black AerobiFlex cushion tile
Black AerobiFlex Tile

Tradition Matters

Flex Court game tiles were originally developed in Europe in 1978, inspired by the input of a group of Orthopedic surgeons. This “orthopedic concept” has been refined over the years to the point where Flex Court game tiles have been time tested throughout the world as the pre eminent sports and recreation surface - engineered and DIN tested for maximum shock absorption and grip to reduce body fatigue and prevent injury.  Flex Court surfaces are functionally designed with the lowest possible maintenance in mind. For an outdoor sports surface, there is no better surface than Flex Court. For basketball, tennis, multi-game, residential or commercial - Flex Court surfaces are functionally designed to be safer on the body and with the lowest possible maintenance in mind.

AEROBIFLEX™ and has a 10 year limited warranty against manufacturing defects.

2010 FLEX COURT® is a registered trademark of Flex Court International, Inc.