Indoor Court or Gym

Indoor Gym FlooringEngineered it to satisfy the needs of everyone, even the most demanding professionals, GYM FLEX™ Gym Court will be able to transform your home into your personal gym or ‘basketball arena’. GYM FLEX™ sport flooring tiles are easy to cut and fit in rooms of all sizes. Installation does not require messy adhesives, special tools, or extensive floor preparation. All you need is a utility knife.

Easy to Clean & Maintain
Gym Court is 100% waterproof, stain resistant, and is easy to clean with a broom or vacuum, mop, and mild detergent. The synthetic, interlocking floor tiles fit together tightly, preventing water, dust, and dirt from filtering through.

Variety of Colors
Mix and match GYM FLEX™ Gym Court colored tiles to create dynamic patterns that will enhance your home.

  • Heavy Gauge Surface Structure (highest density in the market makes it stronger than all synthetic tile floors in its class)
  • No Wax Finish (reduces visibility of marks and skid marks, and therefore, maintenance)
  • Precise Tight Connectors - Virtually Seamless
  • Reduced Noise (thickest surface in its class)
  • Retrofits over existing floors
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Highest Performance-to-Price ratio in its class

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Personal Basketball CourtGYM FLEX™ will have the playability, and feel of hardwood, without the hardwood price. In fact, as a result of space age technology, it’s better than hardwood. Tougher, easy to repair, low cost, low maintenance, and cannot be damaged by water, or moisture, it becomes the economical choice for all your multi-purpose flooring needs.

GYM FLEX™ has a 4mm thick surface making it the thickest wear layer in the industry. Extremely scratch and scuff resistant. Durable - tougher than most surfaces, including Hardwood.

Black GymFlex indoor athletic tile
Black GymFlex Tile
Grey GymFlex indoor athletic tile
Grey GymFlex Tile
Light Grey GymFlex indoor athletic tile
Light Grey GymFlex Tile
White GymFlex indoor athletic tile
White GymFlex Tile
Indian Beige GymFlex indoor athletic tile
Indian Beige GymFlex Tile
Burgandy GymFlex indoor athletic tile
Burgandy GymFlex Tile
Red GymFlex indoor athletic tile
Red GymFlex Tile
Terracotta GymFlex indoor athletic tile
Terracotta GymFlex Tile
Orange GymFlex indoor athletic tile
Orange GymFlex Tile
yellow GymFlex indoor athletic tile
Yellow GymFlex Tile
Forest Green GymFlex indoor athletic tile
Forest Green GymFlex Tile
Navy Blue GymFlex indoor athletic tile
Navy Blue GymFlex Tile
Blue GymFlex indoor athletic tile
Blue GymFlex Tile
Light Blue GymFlex indoor athletic tile
Light Blue GymFlex Tile
Purple GymFlex indoor athletic tile
Purple GymFlex Tile

Tradition Matters

Flex Court game tiles were originally developed in Europe in 1978, inspired by the input of a group of Orthopedic surgeons. This “orthopedic concept” has been refined over the years to the point where Flex Court game tiles have been time tested throughout the world as the pre eminent sports and recreation surface - engineered and DIN tested for maximum shock absorption and grip to reduce body fatigue and prevent injury.  Flex Court surfaces are functionally designed with the lowest possible maintenance in mind. For an outdoor sports surface, there is no better surface than Flex Court. For basketball, tennis, multi-game, residential or commercial - Flex Court surfaces are functionally designed to be safer on the body and with the lowest possible maintenance in mind.

GYM FLEX™ has a 10 year limited warranty against manufacturing defects.

2010 FLEX COURT® is a registered trademark of Flex Court International. Inc.