Competitive Comparison

Comparing Flex Court to Concrete or Asphalt:

There is no question FLEX COURT® is a superior product in safety, performance, durability and appearance when it comes to playing sports.  Admittedly, concrete is a superior surface for sidewalks, driveways and walls. 

Concrete is not a sport surfaces at all and is very hard on the body of the young and old alike, even when painted to look like a tennis or basketball court.  Minor injuries and strains to knees, ankles, and backs from playing on an unforgiving surface such as asphalt often do not show themselves until much later in life.  In older players, it reduces the amount of time and frequency that one can play.  This is why Orthopedic Surgeons in Europe looking for a safer alternative to hard court surfaces such as asphalt and concrete designed the FLEX COURT® outdoor sports surface.

The FLEX COURT® all weather sports surface was designed specifically for an impact absorbing and fatigue reducing sports surface.  The result was a DIN Certified outdoor surface that not only reduces impact on the body but also provides improved game performance, lower surface temperature from reduced heat radiation, no standing water and virtually no maintenance.

Other surfaces that adhere to concrete or asphalt cannot and will not stand behind their product with the same warranty that FLEX COURT® provides.  FLEX COURT® is a superior product in safety, performance, durability and appearance and we stand behind our product with an unsurpassed 15-year warranty.  What warranty are other surfaces offering? 

When compared with other surfaces with far shorter warranties, ongoing maintenance requirements and the need to be replaced or resurfaced numerous times over the 25+ year life expectancy of our FLEX COURT® surface, the cost of our all-weather sports surface becomes very attractive.  Plus with FLEX COURT® you get increased playability, little to no maintenance, no puddles, no need to squeegee water, improved health and safety benefits and a far superior surface to play sports on!  FLEX COURT® will also protect and likely extend the life of your concrete pad.  And yes, you can build an ice rink on our court in the winter! 

If you are looking to improve your backyard and have a wonderful outdoor activity for the whole family you will not find a better outdoor court surface than FLEX COURT®.

FLEX COURT® and the competition 

There are several important differences between the FLEX COURT® and most of the competition.  The competition's product is much stiffer with virtually no flex.  One of the most important reasons people buy an outdoor court surface is to have a surface with more resilience than concrete and lessen the impact on your body while playing.  At only ½” thick (compared to ¾” for FLEX COURT®), it is questionable if the competition's products offer any flex necessary to absorb impact shock. 

The FLEX COURT® tile has the only original patents for vertical and lateral forgiveness for maximum level of reduced stress on ankles, knees, and legs.  FLEX COURT® provides up to 60% stress reduction and was developed by Orthopedic Surgeons.

For tennis, FLEX COURT® plays more like a clay surface providing a slower ball speed and higher bounce than the Sport Court surface.  This is not surprising since, unlike the competition, FLEX COURT® was originally conceived and designed as a tennis surface.

The fact that our FLEX COURT® product is lighter with more flex by no means makes it a weaker product.  In fact, just the opposite is true.  We stand behind our product with our 15-year warranty, a 50% longer warranty than what you will get with the competition's product. 

Here are some facts about FLEX COURT® you should know;

  1. FLEX COURT® has the original patented tile interlocking system.
  2. FLEX COURT® has the highest vertical flex design in the market.
  3. FLEX COURT® tiles are designed to truly "flex”.  Many other tiles do not.
  4. FLEX COURT® provides a higher traction rating than other court tiles.
  5. FLEX COURT® reduces heat radiation more than other tiles.
  6. FLEX COURT® comes with an unsurpassed 15-year warranty.  Sport Court offers 10 years
  7. FLEX COURT® tiles are 3/4" tall by design to provide greater 'Flex'.  most of the competition's tiles are only 1/2" tall and provide less flex.

Since 2006, FLEX COURT® has been selected the official court supplier to the Rogers NBA 3on3 basketball tournament touring Canada each summer.  We have also supplied courts to Rogers Communications, Reebok Canada and Ford of Canada.

To summarize, the FLEX COURT® tile is a lighter, stronger, more flexible, more durable product and is backed by the best warranty available in the market.

Tradition Matters

Flex Court game tiles were originally developed in Europe in 1978, inspired by the input of a group of Orthopedic surgeons. This “orthopedic concept” has been refined over the years to the point where Flex Court game tiles have been time tested throughout the world as the pre eminent sports and recreation surface - engineered and DIN tested for maximum shock absorption and grip to reduce body fatigue and prevent injury.  Flex Court surfaces are functionally designed with the lowest possible maintenance in mind. For an outdoor sports surface, there is no better surface than Flex Court. For basketball, tennis, multi-game, residential or commercial - Flex Court surfaces are functionally designed to be safer on the body and with the lowest possible maintenance in mind.