Court Components

Flex Court® Canada offers a number of court components built to maximize your game court performance. These standard and custom options include Multi-Sports Net Systems, Rebounder Systems, Ball Containment System, Court Lighting, it can complete your Flex Court in style.

Net- Multi-Game Net Systems are perfect for all racquet sports and are custom fit to any court size. Quickly and easily convert your court to a multi-game court with our Multi-Game Net System. Each net system comes in single or dual pole with adjustable net collars for easy height adjustment from ground level up to 8’ in height. With 16-gauge steel and coated acrylic urethane finish our multi-sports net system provides a durable and dependable net system every time you take to the court.

ReBounderRebounder system is a true multi-sport training aid. For tennis courts, use the rebounder to practice making and receiving passes. For roller/ball hockey, set up your hockey net in front of the rebounder, shots missing the net come back to you. Get in close for paddle tennis and work on your hand eye co-ordination as the ball comes back to you quickly and you have to react. For tennis courts, a rebounder can help you with your ground-strokes and to practice your serve. Most popular in our standard 10’x 20’ size, our Rebounder System can also be custom fit to your court. Featuring a #420 weather treated rebounder net and a 1.9”od, 16 gauge steel coated acrylic urethane finish. It is also built to retrofit with our ball containment system, and will allow you to work on your shooting without the hassle of tracking balls down all day.

A heavy duty #420 weather treated rebounder net, 1.9" od ,16 gauge steel coated acrylic urethane finish frame, is available in standard 10' x 10' and 10' x 20', and also in custom sizes.

Fencing- Fence System Our fence frames are made from 1.9" od ,16 gauge steel coated acrylic urethane finish, system includes all fittings with weather treated softFence netting, available from 5' to 10' height and custom lengths.

- Light System - When the sun goes down the courts are still in play courtesy of Flex Court’s various Court Lighting Systems. Our Halogen lighting option (2x500w or 2x1500w) is our most popular and can be fitted as an inline extension to your Multi-Sports Net Pole or a stand alone pole. Our Metal Halide Lighting features die cast or extruded features, with nine optional mounting arms for multiple lights.

We offer two types of Court Lighting Systems:

- Hallogen Lighting available standard (2 x 1500W) as Inline Extension to your Multi-Sports Net Pole, or Stand-alone pole, optional ground sleeves for mounting

- Metal Halide Lighting available in Die Cast or Extruded fixtures, and New CCS2000 light weight housing (1000W), with 9 optional mounting arms for multiple lights, and either in-ground or bolt plate mountings


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