World’s Biggest Basketball Practice

PRacticeFlex Court Athletics is proud to be the main sponsor of the official basketball court surface for the World's Biggest Basketball Practice by University of Illinois Men’s and Women’s Basketball Teams held in Champaign, IL on October 11, 2008.

The event was held on a FLEX COURT® surface assembled by a Flex Court Team at the South end of Memorial Stadium in conjunction with the Homecoming football game against Minnesota.

The Official Playing Surface is the traditional FLEX COURT® All-Weather Basketball and Multi-Game Court.

Men’s Basketball Head Coach; Bruce Weber and his players really liked the FLEX COURT Outdoor Basketball Court Surface. “Flex Court is an awesome outdoor surface to play on” Flex Court Athletics supports NCAA sports and takes great pride in teaming up with both local and national College and University sports programs.

"From The Big Game to The Backyard - Flex Court is your choice".

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