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NBA All Star Week - Grass Roots Promotions & Hoops–N–Hip-Hop


Hoops N Hip Hoop Grass Roots Promotions and Hoops–N–Hip-Hop selects FLEX COURT® as their preferred court surface for their 2 on 2 tournament Tour starting at the NBA All Star Week.

The Hoops–N–Hip– Hop–Tour and FLEX COURT® will stop in Atlanta, Memphis, Jackson, Cleveland, Birmingham, Washington DC, Chicago, Dallas, New York, St. Louis later this spring.

The 2006 Hoops-N-Hip-Hop-Tour kick off coincided with the NBA Jam Session at the All Star Week and included Video Game Skills Contest, hosted by Rose Bowl MVP; Vincent Young of the Texas Longhorns. AND ONE Street Ballers added flavor to the event with several surprise performances.

Alvin Pierce, Event Planner for Grass Roots Promotions says “The FLEX COURT ATHLETICS Team went the extra mile in every aspect to ensure this event was nothing short of perfect. The FLEX COURT® Surface was far beyond our expectations in performance. We can’t be happier to have FLEX COURT® as part of our Tour.”