In The News

June 26, 2008

STAR COURIER (Kewanee, Illinois) - Flex Court Athletics installs All-Purpose Sports Flooring Tiles for local High School Wrestling Facility.

School Wrestling Floor Flex Court International is offering a new all-purpose sport flooring system as a sub-floor solution to enhancing performance of Wrestling Floor Mats. The company recently installed the system to Kewanee High School for the Greg Moss Wrestling Center.

Mats Jonmarker, CEO / President of Flex Court says, “This means that wrestling mats placed over the Flex Court flooring reduces mildew and odors which will drastically improve the environment against allergy suffering and ultimately increases life expectancy of the wrestling mats.

“After cleaning those vinyl mats, this will be a big improvement,” said KHS wrestling coach Charley Eads. “Having the flooring under the mats also offers better air circulation, keeping the mats drier.”

The new flooring application has been installed in half a dozen high schools, he said, and school officials there have been pleased with the results.

Dr. Chris Sullens, Kewanee School Superintendent, said the support by Flex Court is another in a series of improving the school’s athletic program in recent years.

Kewanee High School wrestling coach Charley Eads, left, and Flex Court CEO / President Mats Jonmarker show the all-purpose sport flooring that Flex Court supplied for the school’s wrestling room.