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December 6, 2007

(Kewanee, Illinois)  --  Flex Court Athletics (  - a leader in the industry of high performance modular sport surfaces, with World Headquarter located in Kewanee, Illinois, support Katrina victims with new outdoor Basketball Courts.

Flex Court Athletics, leading manufacturer of modular sports surfaces, is supporting Hands On New Orleans ( ) and MasterCard and Travelocity to help rebuild neighborhoods in New Orleans.

“The basketball court was built for a school in their school colors and some of the students and faculty staff members also helped out with the installation.  Everybody had a great time and we look forward to do more projects with Hands On”, says Linda Grant, Flex Court Sales Coordinator for National Projects.

“We got the basketball surface unloaded on a Tuesday night and had the entire court completed by Thursday morning.  Hands On volunteers help installing the court and had a really good time.  The Flex Court staff was awesome and managed the project from start to finish.  We have up to 3000 volunteers working city-wide in new Orleans at present time”, says Briana O’Brien, Coordinator at Hands On New Orleans. 

What is Hands On New Orleans?
Mission   Hands On New Orleans inspires and motivates people to meet critical community needs, by encouraging active citizenship through meaningful service.

Vision   We envision Greater New Orleans as a hub of civic-minded individuals that take action through service to meet critical community needs Hands On New Orleans rallies volunteers to assist in rebuilding the neighborhoods of New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

Impact  Hands On New Orleans hosts citizens from around the world, as well as provides service opportunities for citizens in the local New Orleans community. Whether you are one person or a corporate team, Hands On New Orleans provides worthwhile and effective volunteer options. We gladly engage out-of-state individuals and groups, local citizens, corporate groups, and tourists, all in service to our community.

“The new Basketball Court by Flex Court Athletics is fantastic and I want to thank Flex Court Athletics for their help in making this project a success”, says Sam McKenzie, Corporate Relations Manager, Hands On New Orleans.  Mr. McKenzie adds; “I also wish to thank the executives of Flex Court and the CEO of Travelocity who were all working on the court.  It was a big hit.  “

“Representatives from the NBA All Star program also came out to the project and saw the basketball court. They have the 2008 All Star Game here in New Orlean. They are very impressed with the All Weather FLEX COURT® Sport Surface”, says Chris Colomer, Operations Manager at Flex Court Athletics.

Sam McKenzie said; “You should know that this is going to change the standards of basketball in New Orleans.”

Hurrican Katrina Flex Court

Following link has several photos of the Flex Court New Orleans project: