Roof King™ Garage Basketball Hoop & Backboard Combo

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High-quality universal garage roof-mount basketball hoop and backboard combo

Rated Easiest Roof-Mount Installation
by top professional installers
Installed from the roof-top. Do not have to hit a stud. "H" bracket pre-installed

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Backboard 60" x 36" x 1/2" Acrylic   48" x 36" x 1/2" Acrylic  
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Best For A 2 car or larger garage.
Family fun.
  A 1 car garage.
Family fun.
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Is a Roof Mount Basketball Goal Right for Me?

"It blows anything you might find at a sporting goods store out of the water"
Nate - Denver, CO

Our line of Roof King™ roof-mount basketball goals will give you an unbeatable playing experience without installing an in-ground basketball system and saving you valuable space. These basketball hoops come with large clear acrylic backboards and professional break-away rims which give these basketball hoops a very professional feel. The patented frame that attaches to the goal and your roof is clean looking and very stable. The frame is also very versatile. We have found that this system will work 90% of roofs. This is due to the innovative height adjustability system of frame.

If you have a smaller driveway but still want a professional looking and playing system than the Roof King™ roof-mount basketball hoop is what you're looking for. If you have more room, we suggest looking at our fully adjustable in-ground systems. These systems are the ultimate residential basketball goals.

The patented frame comes pre-assembled in the box. You only have to install 4 bolts to be ready to install the system on the roof. It also adjusts for any pitch roof.

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Our roof and wall mount basketball bracket, backboard and rim specialists are standing by to take your call and help answer any questions you might have. Our senior support team, have over 30 years of experience with garage roof mountable basketball goals and will be more than happy to offer their expertise. We know that this is a big decision for your family which is why we are here to make sure you get the right roof or wall mounted basketball hoop for your area.

Get started with one of our great roof or wall mount basketball systems today and save big with manufacture direct pricing. Call about your wall or roof mount basketball needs today! 1-866-915-3539