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Fixed-height, in-ground basketball goal for institutional basketball courts

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½" inch thick glass is regulation for High School up. It out performs 3/8" glass by 9% and ½" Acrylic by 40%.

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  A baseline hook off of the window into the basketball hoop

Hercules™ Diamond

  Outdoor photo of the Hercules Basketball System

Hercules™ Platinum

  A jump-shot from the elbow

Hercules™ Gold

Backboard 72" x 42" x 1/2" (regulation)   72" x 42" x 1/2" (regulation)   60" x 38" x 1/2"  
Pole 8"   6"   6"  
Overhang 5'   4'   4'  
Rating 4.673 Reviews   4.336 Reviews   4.836 Reviews  
Best For Backyard court, school or church with a dedicated basketball court for fun up to highly competitve play.   Backyard court, school or church with a big playing area for fun up to competitve play.   Driveway, backyard court, school or church for fun up to competitve play.  
Price From $2782   $2449   $2149  
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The Driveway
A Dedicated Basketball Court

Is A Fixed Height Basketball Goal Right For Me?

A baseline hook off of the window into the basketball hoop

"If you're looking for a hoop that responds the same as college then look no further."
The Coach - Napanee, ON

Fixed-height basketball systems are perfect for those that don't require an adjustable basketball system and would like to save some money on a simpler design. Fixed-height basketball goals usually cost less than comparable adjustable basketball hoops because there is less to them in materials cutting down on steel costs and shipping.

Institutional Fixed Height Basketball Systems

Many institutional or commercial applications require a fixed-height basketball goal so players cannot adjust the system down. Our Hercules™ fixed-height basketball systems come with your choice of acrylic or tempered glass backboard. Acrylic backboards will never shatter but do not perform as well as tempered glass .

Home Residential Fixed Height Basketball Hoops

If you're building a backyard basketball court, our Hercules™ Diamond and Platinum fixed-height basketball system models are a perfect fit. Both have a regulation sized backboard emulating true gym quality play. The Hercules™ Gold fixed height model is perfect for driveways because it has a smaller backboard. It also has an oversized 6 inch square pole for incredible stability.

Talk With A Fixed-Height Basketball Goal Specialist

Our fixed-height basketball system specialists are standing by to take your call and help answer any questions you might have. Our senior support team, have over 30 years of experience with fixed-height basketball hoops and more than happy to offer their expertise. We know that this is a big decision for your family or institution which is why we are here to make sure you get the right fixed-height basketball goal for your area. 1-866-915-3539